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Любой вид образовательного софта, кроме словарей (они в языковой категории)
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Программы для управления денежными средствами
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Браузеры, аськи, email-клиенты и всякие другие приблуды
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Видео-аудио плееры, удаленное управление (ПУ-"лентяйки")
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Словари, энциклопедии
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Проограммы для презентаций, просмотра электронных книг, блокноты и т.д.
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Программы для ПК непосредственно связанные с КПК, конвертеры для видео, сихронизация
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    Patagonia Ballistics LoadBase v.
    08.03.2010, 02:48

    Программа для работы с данными по баллистике.

    A comprehensive, accurate and practical software solution for the reloading and ballistics enthusiast. With just one focus : to cover in a single package all the necessary tools that a challenging user is looking for.

    Its main purpose is to help the centerfire metallic cartridge Reloader / Shooter / Hunter with the most common tasks often involved in shooting which implies to be able to predict accurate exterior ballistics, developing a load or analyzing and storing field data, as well as searching for tested loads.

    The user’s experience, as a critical factor, is at the center of the software's architecture.

    Easiness, a practical sense of use, and the notion of sharing a common paradigm of operation, were considered factors of paramount importance and so incorporated in every feature of this software.

    This is a professional-grade software, for demanding users, who only want the best and take great efforts to master the Art of Accurate Marksmanship.

    It was conceived from the ground up as a set of practical, smart tools for the shooter to make the most out of his rifle/ammo and to maximize the probability of a first-shot impact on target at range.

    However it's important to consider that there are no miracles or mathematical models that can deal with inappropriate data input and lack of effort in collecting the most exact possible values of both the environmental conditions as well as the gun parameters.

    Its scope is broad, as well as its audience, being a valuable toolbox for competitive shooters, hunters, forensic experts, in short, anyone interested in this fascinating subject.

    Here the user will find a set of functionally-based modules to assist in almost every conceivable shooting/hunting scenario, including the special challenges ever present in Long Range Shooting.

    All the hard-to-find parameters needed to analyze and compare different loads are available at the user’s fingertips complemented with Reports, Graphs and Filtering features, as well as packed with many other utilities, closing the circle in the development cycle of reloading, gun testing and field shooting.

    Finally, we can attest for sure, that this software was conceived to serve as a one-stop Ballistics/Reloading solution.

    Main Features
    • It is made up of 5 (five) Modules, designed and programmed to be fully compliant with the guidelines of a Microsoft® Windows-based application.
    • LoadBase Desktop & Mobile editions© allows the user to generate Reports ( Print / Preview ) or Export to MS Excel most of the generated output , according to each Module function. (Desktop edition only)
    • Several and intermixable unit’s system. Choose between metric or English, or mix them, no problem!
    • Installation & User's Manual in PDF format for easy access.
    • Share your data with others using our XPS and PDF-based reports or Excel outputs. Just print or send any created report by email using your browser built-in capability.
    • Data synch with Mobile device

    Требования: WM2003-6.5
    Язык: Английский
    Инструкции по загрузке: вылеченная просто замените *.exe-файл

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